7. The Setauket Neighborhood House

Neighborhood House in Setauket

The Setauket Neighborhood House on the mill pond is a historic house that hosts a number of community events and rentals. The original home was built in the 1700s, and it was moved to its current location on Setauket Bay in 1820. After moving, the home was inhabited by Dr. John Elderkin, who passed the home on to his son John after his 1836 death.

The “Board Room” and the “Victorian Parlors” were added to the home around 1835, and it became “Ye Old Elderkin Inn” soon after, serving as a home for a stage coach line. The property was purchased in 1918 by Eversley & Minnie Childs, who added a ballroom. The Neighborhood House can be rented for educational and private events.