9. Richmond Hill

Aaron Burr met George Washington in Washington’s office at Richmond Hill during the American Revolution, and this meeting occurs in “Right Hand Man.” Richmond Hill was built on a 26-acre parcel of land just south of modern-day Greenwich Village and served as the residence/office of several of the major names of Revolutionary America. Burr later lived at Richmond Hill when he exchanged letters with Alexander Hamilton about their fateful duel as sung in Your Obedient Servant. Richmond Hill would have been located on present-day Varick Street, between Charlton Street and Vandam Street.

Burr was living at Richmond Hill at the time of his duel with Alexander Hamilton. The property was ultimately seized by Burr’s creditors and sold to John Jacob Astor, who developed the property into hundreds of individual lots (Burr actually mapped out the different lots during his ownership, but didn’t have the capital to develop them). The house itself was moved and saw several different uses over the years until it was finally demolished in 1849.

You can visit the neighborhood where Richmond Hill was once located (a portion of which has been designated a landmark and a historic district), but the house itself no longer exists.