10. A Hidden Beach

Sandy Beach next to Danford's

Most of the beaches on Long Island are restricted to town residents this summer, but there is a small sandy beach in Port Jefferson just adjacent to Harborfront Park behind Danford’s Hotel. From there, you’ll have a view of the marina and the harbor.

The Port Jefferson Long Island Railroad Station is about a 20 minute walk from the downtown area of Port Jefferson. If you visit by train, look out for a sculpture called “…the vast and endless sea…” by David McQueen at the station. Unveiled in 2019, the  sculpture serves as a tribute to the village’s shipbuilding industry and depicts three ships supported by 52 boat stands. MTA Arts & Design commissioned the 22-foot stainless steel sculpture, and the three ships depicted are “modified recreation of ships that were built in Port Jefferson during the mid-1800’s.”

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