3. Masonic Lodge

Masonic Lodge in Port Jefferson

Suffolk Lodge No. 60, a Masonic Lodge on Main Street in Port Jefferson, was founded in 1797 with the assistance of Robert R. Livingston, Grand Master of the State of New York and the First US Secretary of Foreign Affairs. Freemasonry consisted of fraternal organizations that trace their origins back to stonemason fraternities of the 14th century. Freemasons often met at Masonic Lodges to achieve the “degrees” Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason.

Lodge No. 60 suspended operations from 1826 to 1856, and meetings were held under lodge number 401 instead of the original 60; the number 60 was restored in 1876. Lodge No. 60 purchased the nearby Presbyterian Church in 1910, and after considerable remodeling, the first meeting was held in the church in 1912. The “Masonic Temple” is a light-yellow building with dark and light blue windows, blending in with the outdoor garden outside the lodge.