Tomorrow at noon, we’ll be hosting a virtual architecture talk on the United Nations, led by one of Visit UN’s multilingual Tour Guides. The talk offers an insider’s look at the UN Headquarters’ architectural elements and at the International Style that was born with the United Nations, creating a structure that was meant to be efficient, undecorated and neutral in color. Through compelling vintage photography and architectural designs, the tour guide explains how the UN Headquarters became one of the most remarkable buildings in New York City, designed by some of the most renowned architects in modern history.

Virtual attendees will be able to connect the vision and purpose of the United Nations to its architectural appearance, represented in the conference chambers — elements, design and overall look. Built on “special status diplomatic territory”, the UN building stand out as a symbol of the monumental time in history when nations came together to create a structure that would be home to the people of all nations, cultures and traditions.

Tomorrow’s live event is organized for Untapped New York Insiders — get two months free with code STAYHOME. A video of the talk will also be made available to all our Insiders afterwards in the Video Archive section of our website.


This talk is part of a year-long celebration of the United Nations’ 75th Anniversary, a partnership between Untapped New York and UN75. The core of the initiative is a short, one-minute survey focusing on the key priorities for international cooperation, where results from the survey will be presented to world leaders and governments this September.