2. Stony Brook Village Center

Stony Brook Village Post Office and shops

The Stony Brook Village Center is a historic commercial center created by philanthropist Ward Melville as a “living Colonial Williamsburg.” The village center was built in the style of a traditional New England village in 1941 with clapboard buildings and quaint stores. Many existing shops were moved together into a crescent shape in a design similar to colonial Williamsburg. The center is home to the Stony Brook Post Office (whose eagle flaps its wings at the beginning of each hour), as well as a number of restaurants, gift shops, clothing stores, and professional services.

Popular restaurants in the village center include Robinson’s Tea Room, Sweet Mama’s, and Fratelli’s Italian Eatery. Across the way from the Village Center is Mirabelle Tavern and Restaurant (found in the historic Three Village Inn. For spirits and food specialties, Chocolate Works offers a wide selection of chocolate varieties while The Crushed Olive serves a number of olive oils and vinegars. Lakeside Wine Emotions is owned by the no-nonsense Frenchman, Christophe Lhopitault, who was once the Captain at Daniel Boulud. He may dismiss your wine choices, but will always get you what you actually want in the end! Other notable destinations in the village center include Rocky Point Jewelers West, Open House Country Flowers & Interiors, Madison’s Niche, and Educational & Cultural Center Gift Shop.