Last night was the season premiere of the second season of The Alienist, a historical crime drama set in 1890s New York City, Every Sunday, two new episodes of the season, titled “Angel of Darkness” will be released. The Alienist, starring Daniel Brühl, Dakota Fanning, and Luke Evans, is based on the crime novels of of Caleb Carr. Last year, we loved how the show recreated film locations of old New York (in Budapest!).

Still from The Alienist with Dakota Fanning, Luke Evans and Daniel BruhlPhoto by Kata Vermes / TNT

This year, you can see a special interactive feature on The Alienist website that shows the locations seen in the show, although our readers will probably recognize that some locations like the old Madison Square Garden are not in the correct location on the 3D map!

Still from The Alienist with Dakota Fanning as Sara HowardPhoto by Kata Vermes / TNT

In the first season, we see the coming of age of Sara Howard, played by Dakota Fanning, who joins a rag tag group of amateur crime solvers, includes a doctor, an illustrator, and two detectives, to catch a serial killer on the loose. Now, in the second season, Sara has opened her own detective agency, Howard Detective Agency, and has become one of the first female detectives in New York. Illustrator John Moore played by Luke Evans is now a reporter for the New York Times. And Dr. Lazlo Kreitzler plays the eccentric alienist, who believes that his study of the mind can reveal clues that can help solve crimes.

Oyster Saloon in The AlienistPhoto by Kata Vermes / TNT

This season, we have a new criminal on the loose. The infant daughter of the Spanish Consular has been kidnapped. Sara is heading up the investigation and enlists the help of Dr. Kreitzler and John Moore. As in the last season, The Alienist explores what it might have been like for a society woman like Sara Howard, to make her own way in the world. We will also see old New York themes like corruption and the divide between rich and poor, along with a sensationalist newspaper industry, come into play. Get ready to step back into Gilded Age New York in season two of The Alienist!

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