With the return of our in-person tours, we are excited to announce an all new experience that gets you outdoors and socially distanced — a whole boat away from others! Join Untapped New York and The Gowanus Dredgers for a secret, one of a kind, personal sunset cruise in canoes on Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal. Paddle along our Gowanus Canal with an expert guide to see a hidden side of Brooklyn, including the underside of bridges and the transforming industrial neighborhood. Discover the fun of canoeing as you explore the history of our Brooklyn neighborhood’s rich past, present, and future.

Photographing on the Gowanus Canal

After a short presentation where you and your crew are outfitted with safety gear, we embark on a narrated voyage filled with questions and conversation on how recreation can have a positive influence on improving and encouraging environmental awareness and activism in an urban setting.

The Gowanus Dredgers has implemented many new health and safety measures as well. For example, the life vests get disinfected and isolated for at least 72 hours between uses. If you’re a frontline healthcare worker you can attend this tour for free, thanks to a generous grant from Dr. Shug-Hong Young of Mather Hospital and SUNY Stony Brook Hospital. Send us your photo ID, department, a sentence or two describe your work fighting COVID-19.
Gowanus Canal.