18. Hope Wanted at New-York Historical Society

Hope Wanted NYHSPhoto by Kay Hickman.

Starting on August 14, Hope Wanted: New York City Under Quarantine will be on display, free of charge in the rear courtyard of the New-York Historical Society. The new exhibit was curated by poet and journalist Kevin Powell and photographer Kay Hickman. More than fifty photographs and fourteen audio interviews from the initial weeks of the pandemic are featured. Hickman’s photographs feature people and locations throughout the city and the audio interviews document the initial responses of New Yorkers as the virus began to shut down the city.

The outdoor setting of the exhibit provides an open-air environment where visitors can view the art while maintaining a safe social distance. Admission is free, but entry will be limited and face coverings are required for entry. The exhibition will also include a quiet seating area surrounded by plants that will be conducive to reflection.