2. Cover Crop at Queens County Farm

Cover Crop installation photo at Queens County Farm from above

When the Queens Country Farm reopens on August 2nd, a temporary site-specific public art installation by artist Aaron Asis will be on display on its grounds. Cover Crop is designed to celebrate the farm’s transitional landscape. The installation features a set of crisscrossing paths that cut through a half acre patch of farmland planted with sweet peas, buckwheat, and rye. Asis sites Queens County Farm’s Amazing Maize Maze as a source of inspiration for this new project. The work is meant to inspire discussion on the nature of dormant agriculture, vegetation life cycles, and sustainable farming practices.

The installation is imbued with new meaning by the ongoing pandemic. “As the challenges associated with personal isolation and public health continue to identify our new normal, it is more important than ever before to create new ways to stay connected and to share new experiences,” says Cover Crop artist Aaron Asis. “The arts have always been the great equalizer when it comes to connecting people.” It will be on view through Sunday, August 9th. Untapped New York Insiders can get a sneak peek of the installation on Friday, July 31st at 12PM EST on a virtual tour of the Queens County Farm!