3. A Setting in Crown Heights

A Setting, art installation in Crown HeightsPhoto by Sara Jimenez

A Setting is a new piece of visual art currently on display for the public at FiveMyles in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. The piece represents the collaboration of Brooklyn-based artist Sara Jimenez and the writer and political activist Jason Schwartz. A Setting is meant to echo the imagery of a setting sun by using red textiles to create horizontal bars that extend from wall to wall.

A Setting occupies a full room of the FiveMyles performance and exhibition space where visitors can become immersed in a sensory experience of New York’s contemporary moment as they walk through the enveloping fabric. The piece can also be viewed from outside. Sunset has taken on a new meaning as of late, as it marks the end of another day during the pandemic and the racial turmoil in New York City and around the country. The colors of the textiles are meant to evoke the sense of pause, grief, reflection, and care that arrive with the day’s end during 2020. The installation will run until August 30.