4. Bel-Aire Diner Transforms into Drive-In

One of the wonders of a drive-in movie theater is that it can be located practically anywhere. Such is the case with the new Bel-Aire Diner in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens. The historic restaurant converted its wrap-around parking lot into a drive-in movie theater this past May and has since hosted a number of very successful and well-attended screenings. Located on Broadway and 21st Street, the Bel-Aire Drive-In sits directly in the heart of Astoria, making it unique from the open spaces and minimal surroundings of traditional drive-in theaters.

The Bel-Aire diner also uses its functioning kitchen to add to the experience. Food, drinks, and popcorn are served from a special “Drive-In Menu” which includes dish names inspired by the films being screened. For example, when Dirty Dancing was shown one dish was called “I’ve Had the Time of My Life…” and another was called “Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner!”