Bonus: Newark Moonlight Cinema, New Jersey

Newark Moonlight Cinema New JerseyNewark Moonlight Cinema Photo Courtesy of Conrad Captures

While outside the five- boroughs, the Newark Moonlight Cinema in Newark, New Jersey is one of the most interesting new pop-up movie experiences to come out of the pandemic. Launched at the end of July, the drive-in is owned by Newark-based filmmaker Ayanna Stafford-Morris and her husband, real estate developer Siree Morris. The couple is working hard to screen movies that feature films with predominantly black or people of color casts, including Girls Trip, Creed II, and the 2007 remake of Hairspray.

Drive-in movie theaters, including the many new ones that are opening during this pandemic, are known for screening relatively unknown films. While the term ‘cult-classic’ is thrown around a lot, the owners of the Newark Moonlight Cinema want to extend the term to a more diverse audience. “We want to be able to change the narrative,” said Stafford-Morris. “When we say cult classic, it shouldn’t just be assumed that it’s a white film.”

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