2. Thomas Dodge Homestead

Thomas Dodge HomesteadThomas Dodge Homestead

The Thomas Dodge Homestead is one of Nassau County’s oldest structures, dated to 1721 with additions completed in approximately 1750 and 1903. Located by the Mill Pond, the homestead originally sat on a 700-acre property owned and farmed by Thomas Dodge. Much of the property was sold from 1718-1730 to Dodge’s cousins and siblings. The Samuel Dodge House, named for Thomas’ cousin, is almost 300 years old and still stands on the corner of Harbor and Sandy Hollow Roads. It was once the home of Port Washington’s first post-mistress, Susie Bruner.

The Thomas Dodge House 1 1⁄2-story, L-shaped building features a heavy timber-frame sheathed with natural cedar wood shingles. The home also contains original low ceilings and Victorian-style furniture, as well as a barn and chicken coop. It is operated as a historic house museum by the Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society, and it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986. The Historical Society often leads tours under non-pandemic conditions.