Photo from Library of Congress

By the late Victorian era and into the 20th century, the Upper West Side and Harlem had developed at a rapid pace, becoming home to a variety of working class, well-to-do, and wealthy families. But as it turns out, not all of these residents were upstanding members of their community — it’s time to explore the tales of the neighborhoods’ most mischievous characters and their ill-deeds, from run-of-the-mill affairs of the heart to truly bizarre and scandalous crimes.

Enjoy a collection of six sensational, yet entertaining tales from New York City’s Upper West Side and Harlem during the Gilded Age and early 20th century. Led by licensed New York City tour Guide Beth Goffe, our afternoon of virtual storytelling will include: murder by a most unique form of lethal weapon, a descendent of an old Colonial family who resorted to tainted chowder to gain her inheritance, a “true May/December romance” that wasn’t as romantic as it first appeared, and more.

This live event is organized for Untapped New York Insiders — get two months free with code JOINUS. A video of the talk will also be made available to all our Insiders afterwards in the Video Archive section of our website.