5. Emma Hartman Noyes House

Emma Hartman Noyes House at Vassar

The Emma Hartman Noyes House, named in memory of a music instructor at Vassar College, is a “strikingly modern” residence at Vassar in Poughkeepsie. Saarinen was married to Vassar graduate Aline Bernstein Saarinen, and Art Department chairman Agnes Claflin recommended Saarinen to construct the house in 1958. The Noyes House was the last residence hall built at Vassar.

The Noyes House was built in a crescent shape with triangular windows and was designed to accommodate 160 students and two house fellows along with their families. The structure has historically hosted many of Vassar’s international students, and the building is known for its “Jetsons lounge,” named for its futuristic design. The lounge includes marble tables with Saarinen’s signature tulip and womb chairs, and the Noyes House also includes the Passion Pit, a sunken seating area.