10. Within Reach at Coolvines Powerhouse

Within Reach at Art Wall Coolvines PowerhouseWithin Reach at Art Wall Coolvines PowerhousePhoto by Laia Cabrera

“Within Reach,” on view at the Jersey City at theuntil September 30th,is an interactive art installation about transformation, reconnecting with the origin, nature and our relationship to it, created by filmmaker Laia Cabrera and visual artist Isabelle Duverger in collaboration with interactive designer Aniol Saurina Masó and composer Nana Simopoulos.

One of the objectives of the video installation, Duverger tells Untapped New York, is for “Within Reach” to be “visible from outside, so at nightfall and all night, it is visible from thestreet… and during th day until 10pm, while still being visible from outside, people can come inside and interact with it.” Conceived as a seamless projection mapping design with full gesture responsive interactivity, “Within Reach” invites audience to actively enter the heart of the piece creating a story that unfolds across a series of immersive interactive scenarios. The installation is a sensory experience thought the elements, from the earth to the skies, from liquid shapes to seeds and visual metaphors, and the principle of change and transformation, where the line is blurred between the physical and the digital world, between the real and the imaginary.