6. Yoko Ono-Designed Banners at The Met

Dream Together Yoko OnoPhoto courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In anticipation of its reopening, The Metropolitan Museum of Art unrelieved a timely new work of art on its Fifth Avenue facade. Designed by the iconic Yoko Ono, DREAM TOGETHER offers a powerful message of unity and hope to world. The piece also marks the first time that the facade of The Met – a space traditionally used to display exhibition banners – will now display original artwork itself. Created by the artist in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the two banners, measuring 24 x 26 feet, are composed of black letters on a white field, with the word “DREAM” and “Together” both displayed.

Yoko Ono had the following to say of the new piece. “When we dream together, we create a new reality. The world is suffering terribly, but we are together even if it can be hard to see at times, and our only way through this crisis will be together. Each one of us has the power to change the world. Remember love. DREAM TOGETHER.”