Even though Broadway is dark this fall, theater is still very much alive at Untapped New York. Please join us for a live virtual benefit reading of Glory Be Columbia: Mistress of the Moonlight written by Justin Rivers and directed by Michael Joseph Ormond, in support of the SS Columbia Project. The SS Columbia is the oldest remaining excursion steamship in America and is part of a multi-year effort to not only bring it back to life, but bring it back for use along the Hudson River.

SS Columbia steamship postcard

The play explores a woman’s life-long and unique connection to one of America’s last day boat steamers as both her older and younger selves act as an archive to Columbia‘s special place in the lives of so many Detroit-area natives. This virtual event on Monday, September 21st is free and open to the public (voluntary donations at ticketing and during the event will be accepted).

This live reading will feature the talents of Tony Award nominee June Gable, Zoe Watkins, and Evan Brubaker. Glory Be Columbia will benefit the SS Columbia Project, a non-profit currently restoring the historic steamer. Their efforts will someday make the SS Columbia a floating cultural and educational venue off the shores of New York City.


According to the SS Columbia Project, the non-profit has raised and spent $4.6 million on Columbia‘s restoration. Their next funding goal is to raise the funds needed to get the boat to the Hudson River. That will require $2.5 million to hire an ocean-going ship to transport her down the St. Lawrence Seaway and the New England coast — that’s a trip of some 2020 miles! Once on the Hudson River, the SS Columbia Project will complete the restoration. The funds raised from the Glory Be Columbia reading will go toward that goal.

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