Drive-in movie theaters have seen quite the resurgence in 2020. While many drive-ins still operated in more rural areas of New York State, New York City stepped up its game. Drive-in movie theaters have popped up in diners, on piers, and in parks. The latest drive-in, Radial Park, will be located at Hallets Point Play, a 50,000 square foot open-air cultural venue on the Astoria, Queens waterfront. Unlike the other drive-ins launched so far, Radial Park will focus on Broadway theater productions with a screenings of Phantom of the Opera starting this Saturday featuring the on-screen film, the live performances of Broadway stars and an 11-piece orchestra. Purple Rain is also on the docket.

Drive-In Movie at Radial Park at Hallets Point PlayAll photos courtesy of Radial Park

Views are key to a drive-in experience, and Radial Park will have views of the East River and Manhattan skyline. You also don’t need to have a car — there will be picnic tables with retro boomboxes set up and spaced for social distancing. There will also be sing-along Karaoke machines you can rent with Bluetooth speakers. Movie-style concessions will be available too. Hallets Point Play can be accessed not only by car, but also by NYC Ferry to the Astoria stop, and subway, bus, and Citi Bike.

Tickets for the drive-in movie theater screenings start at $75 per group. Like the other New York City, drive-in experiences , there will be temperature checks and other health sand safety protocols in effect.

There is also a lot of see in Astoria, so make a trip of it! There’s another drive-in movie theater experience at the Bel Air Diner, the house where George Costanza lived on Seinfeld, an active foundry that manufactures many of the city’s most famous sculptures, the Steinway Factory, and more!

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