11. The Prettiest Street in Paris

Emily and Camille on Rue de L'abreuvoirPhoto: CAROLE BETHUEL/NETFLIX © 2020

Emily and Mindy go out on the town and end up at Rue De L’abreuvoir, which Mindy says was voted the “prettiest street in Paris.” It’s located in Montmartre in the 18th arrondisement. You’ll find there the well-known restaurant La Maison Rose, where the two have dinner. Nearby the Maison Rose you’ll find the only vineyard in Paris, Clos Montmartre. At the end of the curved street, with the church of SacréCœur in the background is where Emily realizes she can place the bed from the Scandinavian brand she is representing for her social media activation idea.

Emily and Mindy at La Maison RoseLa Maison Rose. Photo: CAROLE BETHUEL/NETFLIX © 2020