7. Mindy’s Apartment

Lily Collins near BastillePhoto: CAROLE BETHUEL/NETFLIX © 2020

Mindy invites Emily over to her place for dinner (the apartment she lives in as a nanny), but it turns out to be a big house party. Mindy lives near Bastille on the Boulevard de Bastille overlooking the Canal Saint Martin and the Bastille monument. It’s also next door to the Opera of Paris’ Bastille location.

Mindy meets Fabian, a new love interest, and they leave the party to go walk along the Seine. Will he be the one? We won’t spoil too much more.

8. Le Grand Vefour

At a party thrown by Camille, Emily meets hotelier Randy Zimmer and tried to see if she can forge a partnership between Maison Lavaux and Zimmer’s hotels to provide the perfume. As part of the efforts, she tries to book dinner at Le Grand Vefour, once a three Michelin star restaurant. Emily gets the date format confused (in France, the day of the month goes first, not the month) and discovers her reservation is for November 8th, not August 11th. They end up going to Gabriel’s restaurant instead, who pulls off a last minute dinner to help out Emily.

You may recognize the Le Grand Vefour as a filming location for an awkward lunch in Midnight in Paris, where its history going back to the the 1780s when it was cafe frequented by figures like Napoleon Bonaparte, Simone de Beauvoir, Henri Balzac. and Voltaire. Le Grand Vefour is located at 17 Rue de Beaujolais in the 1st arrondisement on the north side of the Palais Royal.