Explore the fascinating history of Governors Island on our upcoming Hidden Gems of Governors Island walking tour! The history of this partially man-made piece of land at Manhattan’s southern tip stretches from the days of early European explorers, through Dutch colonial times, into the twentieth century and to the present day. This expert-led tour will guide you through the various phases of Governors Island’s history while unveiling its secrets too.

Not only does Governors Island have a fascinating geological and cultural history, but it also has an extensive military history as well. On this tour, you will visit the National Monument, Fort Jay, Nolan Park, and the former houses of commanding officers. Castle Williams, a fort from the War of 1812 that also served as a Confederate prison, is another stop on the list.



In the newer southern part of the island, constructed with landfill from the Lexington Avenue Subway excavation, you will see a how a decommissioned military base was turned into a gorgeous urban oasis. Guests will take the flower-lined paths built by the Trust for Governors Island up through the Hills, passing by playgrounds and hammocks in a lush natural setting right next to the greatest city in the world. The hills offer some of the best views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty and are the perfect place to reflect on the past, present, and future of Governors Island. Join us for our upcoming small-group tour to uncover all the Hidden Gems of Governors Island!


All of Untapped New York’s in-person tours adhere to COVID-19 prevention guidelines to ensure the health and safety of our guests and guides. You can learn more about our precautions here.

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