Manhattan has a pervasive quality of glamour—a heightened sense of personality generated by a place whose cinematic, literary, and commercial celebrity lends an aura of the fantastic to even its most commonplace locales. But it is also literally a magic isle, where a long and extravagant line of wizards, illuminati, fortune tellers, magicians, and more have plied their crafts. Join Untapped New York and historian and troubadour Kevin Dann to celebrate the release of Enchanted New York: A Journey Along Broadway Through Manhattan’s Magical Past.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Dann’s guidebook to magical Manhattan traces the arc of American technological alchemies, Mesmeric physicians, wonder-working seers like Madame Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, and chroniclers of the Impossible like Charles Fort and John Keel, to reveal a surprising picture of a city whose ever-changing fortunes have always been founded on magical activity.

Courtesy of Kevin Dann

In the spirit of Enchantment, Kevin will offer a Magical Manhattan riddle. Solve it and you’ll get a signed copy of Enchanted New York!

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