2. Grand Army High School

Grand Army High SchoolPhoto: SOPHIE GIRAUD/NETFLIX © 2020

If you’re looking for the brown Neoclassical building that is used as the filming location for Grand Army High School in the show, it doesn’t exist in Brooklyn. A school in Toronto was used both for the exterior and interior. However, when the students look out the window to see the bombing, you can see that Grand Army High School is meant to be located a few blocks from Grand Army Plaza in Prospect Heights (possibly on Underhill Avenue).

Looking closer at the bomb scene outside the window, the buildings don’t look to be accurate to the real neighborhood but rather a composite scene that includes the Soldiers and Sailors’ Arch and the Grand Army Plaza Oval. The shot after the students are let out of the school, as Joey, Anna, Tim, George and Luke walk down the street and look at the scene of the bombing is filmed from the northeast corner of Flatbush Avenue and Plaza Street East, but the Soldiers and Sailors’ Arch is basically photoshopped in to appear closer than it is in real life (and reversed in orientation with the sculptures on the arch facing north vs. south). These are details that don’t impact the story but are fun for us locals to dig into.