3. Upper East Side House Party

Grand Army filming locations Upper East Side house partyPhoto: JASPER SAVAGE/NETFLIX © 2020

The evening of the bomb, a lot of students from Grand Army attend a house party hosted at Park Avenue and 68th Street on the Upper East Side. As Joey and her friends walk up Park Avenue to the party, we see the Park Avenue Armory in the background. The party is taking place at 58 E. 68th Street, the former Harold Pratt House, a Gilded Age industrialist who was a partner of Standard Oil. A student living in this corner mansion on Park Avenue would be from an exceedingly wealthy family. In real life, this mansion is now the Council on Foreign Relations.

The real exterior of the building is used as the filming location, but the interiors of this scene are filmed elsewhere. Joey and Tim leave the party and run into the 6 train subway station at 77th Street and ride the back of the subway car (a quasi-vintage one, procured for the filming). It may be one of Joey’s last carefree, teenage moments in her life.