16. Mural Celebrates 75th Anniversary of the UN

UN75 Street Art Mural by Emmanuel JarusPhoto by @just_a_spectator, courtesy Street Art for Mankind

In honor of the United Nations’ 75th Anniversary, a street art mural has been completed a few blocks from the UN headquarters at 243 East 44th Street. The mural is designed by street artist Emmanuel Jarus, in a partnership between the UN and Street Art for Mankind.

According to a press release, “The theme for the mural is inequality and zero hunger, amplifying the voices of the over 1 million people across the world who have told the UN this year that access to basic services, including food, is a top priority for the future they want. Many of our readers and Insider members filled out the survey that led to the results and participated in the events we programmed in Untapped New York’s collaboration with UN75.