9. Jim Rennert Sculptures in the Theatre District

Photo of Jim Rennert's SculpturePhoto Courtesy of Cavalier Galleries

Artist Jim Rennert’s two new sculptures in the Theatre District reflect the current time by emphasizing the struggles to make a living through the form of athleticism. Over 8.5-feet tall, Walking the Tightrope and WTF are representative of the artist’s past works that highlight both the physical and psychological difficulties of living in a world dominated by corporate competitions.

“As an entrepreneur, whether dealing with employer’s products, home life or working our way up the corporate ladder, the visual juxtaposed figure on a tightrope is something that resonates with us all,” said Jim Rennert in a press statement. “Once you’ve thought big, and then found a perspective of where you fit in, you can sometimes have a WTF moment. And in 2020, WTF seems to describe how we all feel about dealing with this year.”