5. LuminoCity

Photo of LuminoCityPhoto by Yunkai. Courtesy of LuminoCity Festival.

LuminoCity Festival, the stunning holiday spectacular light sculptures, is coming back at Randall’s Island this month, with a brand new theme and never-before-seen art installations. Visitors will have the opportunity to venture into a wonderland of fantastical ancient civilizations, lush illuminated jungles, and mystical towering light art displays. The sparkling light park invites visitors on a 30-45 minute walking journey through distinctly themed sets and dreamlike worlds. At the center of the adventure is Lumi, a magical light bulb and the host of the festival.

According to the festival’s website, the inspiration behind LuminoCity Festival comes from a combination of the traditional art of Chinese lantern festivals with modern design and unique storytelling. By bringing the two-thousand-year history of the Chinese lantern festival to New York City through an extraordinary new light artform, the LuminoCity Festival creates a new reality full of magical wonder and thrilling adventure for all to enjoy. This festival runs from through January 10.