Saks Fifth Avenue 2020 department store holiday windows

Strolling along Fifth Avenue and admiring the holiday windows is a tradition that will continue this year amid the pandemic. The 2020 department store window displays are focused on bringing cheer to New Yorkers in a year when we could all use some uplifting holiday spirit. While the windows will still display glamourous gifts, fashion, and accessories, messages of kindness, gratitude, and togetherness are paramount in the festive designs. Check out the 2020 holiday window displays of iconic New York City shopping destinations like Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s and more!

1. Bergdorf Goodman’s

Fashion takes a backseat to goodness in the theme of Bergdorf Goodman’s holiday window displays this year. The #BergdorfGoodness campaign was inspired by the goodness and strong values shown throughout this difficult year. Instead of being filled with luxurious dresses, jewels, and shoes (though a few windows still are), the windows along the Fifth Avenue facade each represent a single core value.

The values displayed in the Bergdorf Goodman windows include love, hope, harmony, joy, peace, equality, kindness, and unity. The display, while still eye-catching and festive, is more simplistic this year. Every window is taken up by just one word. The letters of each word are three-dimensional and faced in a polychromatic acrylic mirror that reflects the viewer and the scene outside.