4. Unisphere Asset Management

Unisphere Asset ManagementPhoto: Phil Caruso/HBO Max

After the mysterious Alex Sokolov (played by Michael Huisman) winds up dead, Cassie takes it upon herself to try to locate and identify who the mysterious Miranda (played by Michelle Gomez) is. Miranda was out with Alex and Cassie that night in Bangkok. Using the name of Alex’s company, Unisphere Asset Mangement, as a start, she shows up at the Midtown office in hopes of getting more information.

In The Flight Attendant, the address is shown as 2350 Park Avenue but if you Google that, you’ll see that it puts you in the Bronx. This building is clearly in Midtown and eagle eye viewers may notice the Gothic building next door, home to the Swedish Seaman’s Church. The building used as Unisphere Asset Management is located on both 48th and 49th Street, with an official address of 12 E. 49th Street, but the scene is done on the 48th Street entrance.