46th Street Joe Biden subway tributePhotograph Courtesy of Adrian Wilson

“I wanted to celebrate our new president – a regular Joe,” says Wilson of his motivation to create this sign, “…this was a day to celebrate the change for good.” New York City is no stranger to subway art — often in the form of tributes when someone passes away or something momentous happens. Today, the 46th Street Subway Station in Astoria, Queens, street artist Adrian Wilson who often creates site-specific New York City political street art pieces changed the mosaics inside the station to read 46th Joe, instead of 46th St. The exit arrow and signage was changed from 45th St to 45th Out. Wilson was also behind the adaptation of 50th Street into RUTH Street, following the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

46th Street Joe Biden subway tribute verticalPhotograph Courtesy of Adrian Wilson

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