St. Mark’s Place, a short street in Manhattan’s East Village, has served as an ever-changing center of New York City culture and counter-culture from the time of the native Lenape people to the grunge days of the Punks. Join New Yorker John DeSanto for a virtual stroll down St. Mark’s Place to uncover the secrets of its many historic chapters. In just two blocks you will uncover New York City’s very own walk of fame, a memorial to a tragic shipwreck, the site of Andy Warhol’s 1960s series of multimedia events featuring The Velvet Underground, and more!


One this virtual tour:

  • Explore two blocks of one of the most interesting streets in New York City, St. Mark’s Place
  • Uncover the history of St. Mark’s Place from the Lenape Tribe to the Punks
  • See the only memorial to the worst disaster in NYC before 9/11
  • Meet the Butcher of Tompkins Square
  • Grauman’s Theater has nothing on Theater 80
  • Learn about Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable

Tickets to this live virtual tour on Thursday, February 4th are just $10!


St. Marks Place

Named for New York City’s second oldest church, St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery, St. Mark’s Place runs from Cooper Square to Avenue A in the East Village. The small street became a fashionable address and famous figures such as Eliza Hamilton have called it home. As the times changed, the street took on a grittier nature. Eliza’s Federal-style home became Trash and Vaudeville in 1975, a popular clothing store to buy the latest in punk fashion. As an epicenter of the counterculture, St. Mark’s Place attracted artists like Andy Warhol and rockstars like The Velvet Underground. Today, many remnants of its gritty past, including Trash and Vaudeville, have been lost, but the street still retains a certain cool factor. On this tour, uncover what’s left from the many chapters of St. Mark’s Place history!

Tickets to this live virtual tour on Thursday, February 4th are just $10. You can also gain access to unlimited virtual events per month and unlock a video archive of past events as an Untapped New York Insider starting at $10/month.
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