12. Big Bird in Highland Park

Daniele Frazier's Big BirdPhoto courtesy of Daniele Frazier

In Highland Park, on the border of Brooklyn and Queens, this work of art by Daniele Frazier sits twenty feet high atop a metal post. The “Big Bird” a white-bellied caique parrot, is six-feet tall, made out of aluminum and hand painted in sign enamel.

“Big Bird” is an installation is by NYC Parks which states that the bird is perched “as if it were surveying the activities of park-goers below. Hanging from the perch is a bronze bell, recalling the types of ‘enrichment’ toys that are provided for caged birds. In keeping with themes of Frazier’s past works that depend on interaction with the weather, the bell rings in high winds and can be heard even where the piece cannot be seen.” Another recent art installation in Highland Park was a 3,000 tulip display. Keep reading to see what installations from past months are still on display!