14. I dreamed a world and called it Love at Grand Central

I dreamed a world and called it love at Grand CentralI dreamed a world and called it Love(2020) ©Jim Hodges, NYCTransitGrandCentral-42StStation. Commissioned by MTA Arts & Design. Photo by David Regen. Courtesy the artist and Gladstone Gallery, NewYork and Brussels

A new permanent artwork by contemporary artist Jim Hodges has added some color to the staircase and escalator landings that connect the Grand Central-42nd Street subway station to Grand Central Terminal. I dreamed a world and called it Love is a massive mirrored-glass sculpture that builds upon Hodges’ 2016 exhibition of the same name at Gladstone Gallery. The new installation is made up of more than 5,000 individually cut pieces of glass in more than 70 colors.

The multi-colored glass pieces swirl together in a rainbow camouflage pattern of blues, greens, reds, golds, and purples. Measuring 700 square-feet in total, the mesmerizing piece forces your glance upwards as you travel between the subway and train stations. The new piece adds a pop of color and excitement to the daily commute.