2. Esty’s Apartment

NYCHA Albany Houses used in Unorthodox filming locations

Esty lives in a NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority) public housing building. There are several such developments in Williamsburg, but Unorthodox actually films Esty’s apartment at NYCHA’s Albany Houses in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

To be specific, her apartment building is located at 1191 Park Place Building 2 (not 4191 Park Place Bldg 2, as shown in the show). The set design team manually swapped out the first 1 for a 4, a common practice to conceal addresses in television productions.

Lobby of Albany Houses as seen in Unorthodox

The scenes shot at Albany Houses also utilize the interior first floor lobby of the building which has the mailboxes and a ramp up to the escalators. In Unorthodox, Esty tries to make her escape but all the mothers and children are waiting in the lobby since the eruv has broken. She’s also told that she cannot bring her purse, so she is forced to go back upstairs and leave behind some key items, including her cell phone. You’ll see next where the interiors are filmed…