4. Berlin-Tegel Airport

Unorthodox Filming Location at Berlin Tegel Airport Photo: Anika Molnar/Netflix

Esty arrives in Berlin, flying out of John F. Kennedy Airport in Queens. These days, international arrivals come through Berlin’s Brandenburg Airport, with two other airports — Templehof and Tegel — now closed. However, the scene where Esty arrives, as well as when Yanky and Moishe arrive to track her down, were filmed in Berlin-Tegel Airport in the months leading up to its closure (The airport’s last flight was in November 2020).

Moishe is clearly experienced in all methods of deviousness, and has experience in the outside world because he tried to leave the Satmar community once. He and Yanky make an unlikely duo, and most of the time Yanky is either left behind or seriously doubting Moishe’s strategy.