8. Greenpoint

Filming locations for The SinnerPhoto: Elizabeth Fisher/USA Network

Ambrose follows Jamie to New York City as he goes on a bender. They start out an art gallery near Flatiron where he runs into a former student from The Briarton School. Then they go to a bar where he befriends two guys who are trying to pick up to Australian women. They relocate to a hotel (shown to be at the Met Life Building) to drink and do drugs, and Ambrose goes along as a kind of chaperone.

After a disagreement, Jamie then hails a cab and heads out Greenpoint, Brooklyn (address of 234 Morgan Avenue but it’s actually a higher address number just off the BQE). The car chase after Jamie goes to meet up with his former student is filmed in Long Island City (another popular filming locations due to the proximity of the Kaufman-Astoria studios.

We’ll be adding more locations as the season continues! Stay tuned! Next, check out the filming locations for The Undoing.