7. Eliza Married Aaron Burr in the Front Parlor…and Divorced Him 1 Year Later

After the death of her first husband, French merchant Stephen Jumel, Eliza married Aaron Burr in 1833. The wedding ceremony took place right in the front parlor of her home. The marriage between the former-Vice President and savvy real estate investor was short-lived. After just a year of marriage, Eliza filed for divorce in order to stop Burr from squandering her money. In a contemptuous court battle, both parties accused the other of adultery, using false evidence. The court believed Eliza and she was granted her divorce. Over the course of their brief union, Burr had lost $13,000 of Eliza’s fortune, the equivalent of nearly $400,000 today.

Out of all its former residents, Eliza Jumel lived in the house the longest. She died at the mansion in 1865.