Untapped New York is bringing back some of New York City’s long-forgotten buildings in our new virtual series, Lost New York. This new program of talks led by Untapped New York’s Chief Experience Officer Justin Rivers will reveal the stories of New York City structures that played an important role in the city’s evolution, but no longer exist. Our first talk will cover New York City’s lost Crystal Palace, once described as the “finest building in America.” Future talks will explore the demolished mansions of Fifth Avenue, the many iterations of Madison Square Garden, and more!

Tickets for the first three Lost New York talks are on sale now for just $10!

A color sketch of NYC's Crystal Palace

In the first Lost New York Virtual Talk:

  • Learn how the Crystal Palace and Latting Observatory started New York’s modern wave of tourism.
  • Discover the still-unsolved mystery about the structure’s horrific demise
  • See some of the only and very rare actual photographs of the palace
  • Meet the larger-than-life characters who were involved with the buildings, including the circus master himself, P.T. Barnum

When New York’s Crystal Palace was completed in 1853, it was the largest building in the Western Hemisphere. All who saw it said it was the most beautiful building New York City had ever built. Some think it still is. It was also the cradle of so many firsts in the city and America, including the first World’s Fair. Drawn into this mythical building’s orbit was the city’s tallest structure, the Latting Observatory. Built as the tallest manmade perch on the continent, the Latting Observatory brought New Yorkers to the highest they had ever been in their lives, without an elevator! Both attractions would help crown New York a world-class city. Join Untapped New York’s Chief Experience Officer, Justin Rivers, for a virtual tour of this magnificent lost structure. Meeting location: 42nd and 6th Avenue in the year 1853!

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Tickets for the first three Lost New York talks are on sale now for just $10!

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