Manhattan’s highest point can be found among the hills of Hudson Heights, an area of New York City you can explore in Untapped New York’s upcoming virtual tour of Fort Tryon Park and Hudson Heights. Expert Untapped New York tour guide Alan Cohen will take you through the beautiful natural scenery of this part of upper Manhattan and uncover its surprising history. On this tour, you will discover the remnants of glamorous estates, see amazing river views, learn the history of Met Cloisters, and more!

Secrets of Fort Tryon Park

In this talk:

  • Visit the highest natural point on Manhattan Island and the former site of Fort Washington
  • See images of the “castles” that were built here and what remains of them now
  • Learn about the Cloister that was build before the Met Cloisters of today
  • Hear stories about “Captain Molly,” a woman who fought for America’s freedom
  • Appreciate the beauty and views of an Olmsted designed park

Tickets to this virtual tour on Tuesday, March 16th are just $10!

On this tour of Hudson Heights and Fort Tyron Park, we’ll visit Revolutionary War sites, discuss the development of the surrounding area and then visit Fort Tryon Park. The area now comprising the park once consisted of five “country” estates. One estate was owned by a prominent figure of the Gilded Age, C. K .G. Billings, who attained notoriety for his excesses. We’ll contrast the self-indulgent Billings with John D. Rockefeller Jr., the man who purchased the land and paid to develop it and the Cloisters Museum into a jewel for the public. You will see the remnants of the Billings estate, enjoy magnificent views of the Hudson, stroll through the Heather Garden and end at the Cloisters museum.

Secrets of Fort Tryon Park

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