Dive deep into New York City’s subway system to uncover hidden and abandoned spaces you may be traveling through every day without even knowing it! New York City’s subterranean transit system is constantly evolving and while new stations and routes have been added or upgraded, others have become obsolete. On an upcoming virtual talk with Untapped New York’s Chief Experience Officer Justin Rivers, you will discover the forgotten and neglected stations of the subway and uncover the legends and truth of what goes on there!

  • Explore New York City’s ghost stations, some commuters pass through every day without knowing!
  • Learn about the mythical “Roswell” of subway stations out in Queens. Its existence is still up for debate.
  • See photos of the only subway station and line to be built and then deliberately destroyed just two years later.
  • Discover a guerrilla art installation in an abandoned portion of the Brooklyn IND subway. To experience it in person would have been life-threatening!

Tickets to this live virtual talk on Wednesday, March 24th are just $10!

Worth Street Subway stationPhotograph by 3am.nightly

We all know about the majestic City Hall Station, New York’s crown jewel subway station decommissioned 75 years ago and left abandoned for decades. But under our feet, there are dozens of abandoned or never-used subway stations and platforms that don’t get as much attention as City Hall. Take a journey underground with Chief Experience Officer, Justin Rivers, as he surveys some of the lesser-known but equally fascinating abandoned underground transit infrastructure. No flashlights or dark clothing required!

Tickets to this virtual talk on Wednesday, March 24th are just $10! 

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