7. Waldorf Astoria

When Akeem’s family, including King Jaffe Joffer and the queen, and entourage arrive in New York City, they stay at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. Semmi is banished to house arrest inside the Waldorf Astoria, which he does with pleasure. The filming location does indeed take place on the outside of the Waldorf Astoria, and we see the fictional Zamunda flag hanging in front.

Renovated Waldorf Astoria

The Waldorf Astoria has since been sold and is currently under renovation to be converted into condos and a hotel. Later this month, we will be hosting a free behind-the-scenes virtual tour inside the restoration of the historic hotel and in April we’ll hosting a book talk on American Hotel: The Waldorf-Astoria and The Making of a Century,