3.  There Is An Abandoned Train Station Under the Waldorf Astoria

Track 61 train car

There is a private elevator leading to a secret train platform deep beneath the hotel. When the hotel purchased the Park Avenue land, there were tracks used to supply a nearby powerhouse. The powerhouse was no longer in use, but the Waldorf kept Track 61 to allow personal railroad cars for guests to pull in underneath the hotel and take the elevator directly to their rooms, by-passing the lobby.

Track 61 was reportedly used by celebrities like Andy Warhol and his famous underground party in 1965 to Franklin D. Roosevelt, who used it as a way to downplay his disability. The track still exists today. For decades, an abandoned rail car sat on the tracks but has since been relocated to the Danbury Railway Museum. You can spot the abandoned track through the grates looking down while walking by 49th Street at Park Avenue.