4. The Echo Vault

NYC Subway-Pyrotechnic Fire Art-__MacGyver-Urban Exploration-026
Photo of the Echo Vault by the f/11 Crew, shared with Untapped Cities

The location of the Echo Vault is not openly shared, though it is known among intrepid urban explorers. The cavernous space surrounded by staircases and abandoned track lines served as a performance space for one special night in 2013. On the summer solstice, a group of 200 revelers were led into the abandoned space by Wanderlust Projects, the group responsible for producing the Night Heron Speakeasy in a watertower.

Guests were encouraged to wear comfortable shoes, bring a flashlight, and told not to blog or post about the clandestine party. Everyone had to accept the risks associated with attending this once-in-a-lifetime affair. After descending a series of ladders and stairs, guests wandered through empty graffiti-tagged chambers and enjoyed a performance by the Extra Action Marching BandGothamist writer John Del Signore described the event as an “exorcism disguised as a dance party.”