The colorful mandarin duck that made a splash at the Central Park Pond and Little Rockefeller, a tiny Saw-whet owl found in the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, are just a couple of the celebrity birds that have captured our hearts and taken over over social media feeds in recent years. Some have become local legends, while others leave after just a day. Still, New York City has shown time and time again that it’s a great place for not only the birds but also for those who love to watch. In our upcoming talk with Wild City author Thomas Hynes, we will explore the stories of famous New York City birds, dive into the history of birding in the city, and discuss the best places to spot the soaring creatures.

Celebrity Birds of NYC

In this talk:

  • Hear about NYC’s long love affair with celebrity birds who arrive, delight and disappear
  • Learn about NYC’s somewhat surprising status as a world-class birding destination
  • Discover the best places to view birds all around New York City as well as a few other best birding practices

Tickets to this talk on Tuesday, April 27th are just $10. You can gain access to unlimited free virtual events per month and unlock a video archive of 100+ past virtual experiences as an Untapped New York Insider starting at $10/month. Already an Insider? Register here! If you can’t make it live, register for this event and we will send you a link to the recording once it airs!

Courtesy of Ravensbeard Wildlife Center

This talk is the second in our Wild City series, a virtual talk series that explores the animal inhabitants of New York City with author Thomas Hynes. Hynes is the author of the book Wild City, an illustrated guide to 40 of the most well-known, surprising, notorious, mythical, and sublime non-human citizens of New York City.

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Celebrity Birds of NYC

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