5. A Collection of 19th-Century Dresses Were Discovered in the House

Cotton Day Dress, 1846-1855, Courtesy Merchant’s House Museum

Among the nearly 4,500 items that belonged to the Tredwells is a collection of 39 dresses worn by the Tredwell women. The dresses date from 1815 to 1890 and vary from the striped deep red number you see above to light airy dresses of white and blue and more. The collection of dresses is paired with an array of hats, parasols, shawls, shoes, gloves, reticules, and fans. You can see a few of the dresses on mannequins throughout the home.

To allow a really up-close look of these historic garments, the Museum collaborated with 3D modeling firm PaleoWest Archaeology to create an interactive 3D model. The model allows you to take in every inch of the dress from various angles and see all of the details. You can check it out here!