9. Sound Installation Loved at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

loved, a sound installation by composer Michael Gordon was written in response to the Covid 19 pandemic and will be played hourly in Brooklyn Botanic Garden cherry esplanade.

In commemorating the one-year anniversary of the pandemic, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden offers a place for reflection with loved , a site-specific outdoor sound installation by composer Michael Gordon.  Performed by percussionist David Cossin, the recording of the meditative composition for seven vibraphones plays hourly on Cherry Esplanade. The duration of the piece is five minutes, twenty-eight seconds.

The month-long cherry blossom season, called Hanami, is a centuries-old tradition of flower viewing. You can meditate in the natural beauty of the blossoming trees as this haunting and poignant tribute is broadcast throughout the esplanade. loved will be played hourly through May 9th at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Cherry Esplanade.