The waterways of New York City are a vital part of life in the five boroughs and now more than ever, it’s important to be aware of the challenges facing our waters. At the 2021 Waterfront Conference, presented by the Waterfront Alliance, panels of policymakers, waterfront advocates, journalists, academics, as well as engineering, architecture, and nonprofit professionals will discuss the variables that are affecting the future of our waterways and waterfront communities. Over the course of three days, panelists will explore topics of climate change, design, renewable energy, community, maritime industry, ecological conservation, and more. The conference, which is usually held on a boat, will be presented virtually this year. Untapped New York readers can save 20% off tickets and a select number of Untapped New York Insiders can attend for free!

A sailboat on the waters of NYC
Photograph by Whitney Browne, Courtesy of the Waterfront Conference

Each year, the Waterfront Conference panels are designed around a specific theme. This year, that theme is “Confronting Unprecedented Challenges and Opportunities.” New York City is at a crossroads of change and the Conference will explore how we can look back and learn from the experiences of 2020 while blazing new paths for the future. The conversations and collaborations at the Waterfront Conference aim to help bring new, urgent insight to achieving a 21st-century waterfront that is resilient, supports good jobs, and is open to all. 

Photograph by Whitney Browne, Courtesy of the Waterfront Conference

The conference kicks off with a keynote address on Monday, May 10th. Panel topics of that day include Flood Control and Resilience in Our Region: Funding and Leadership and An Extreme Weather Future: What Does the Science Say and What are the Plans? On Wednesday, May 12th, you can learn about conservation and protection of wildlife, habitat, and ecosystems and how clean energy can lead to economic growth. A highlight of the event on Friday, May 14th is a New York Mayoral Candidates Town Hall. You can see the full, recently released three-day schedule for the conference here!

Staten Island Ferry
Photograph by Whitney Browne, Courtesy of the Waterfront Conference

The 2021 Waterfront Conference will take place on May 10th, 12 and 14th from 1pm -5pm including happy hours! Untapped New York readers can save 20% off individual tickets ($150 value) by using the code “untapped20” at check out! Be sure to click “Add Discount Code” above the blue “Register” button before checking out. Book your tickets here!

If you are an Untapped New York Insider, you can grab a free ticket here! Not an Insider yet? Become a member today starting at just $10/month and gain access to unlimited free virtual and in-person events as well as an archive of 100+ past virtual experiences! You can keep up to date with news from the Waterfront Conference by following @ourwaterfront and #WaterfrontConference on Twitter.

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