3. McNally Jackson Books Cafe

In a post-COVID era, customers will be able to enjoy beverages and foodstuffs as they read books or attend events at McNally Jackson Books Cafe

McNally Jackson Books, finding its home in Nolita, Williamsburg, Seaport, and Downtown Brooklyn, sells books ranging from Black American Literature to Modern Classics. While munching on baked goods from Ovenly, Balthazar, Murray’s, and Sarabeth’s, customers can enjoy an array of beverages including espresso and cappuccino.

After stopping at the cafe, writers of all levels can participate in writing workshops within the various McNally Jackson Books locations. However, these workshops currently take place virtually due to COVID-19. Some of the influential authors who have held workshops or events in these locations include Gina Apostol author of Insurrecto, Ander Monson author of Other Electricities, and Yoko Tawada author of The Emissary.

 McNally Jackson Books Cafe – 52 Prince St, New York, NY 10012